Hyperlight 5 - The Enemy Within

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Jim Gamma
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Hyperlight 5 - The Enemy Within

#1 Post by Jim Gamma » March 12th, 2017, 12:52 am

The Children of the Galaxy have been quiet over the last several months, but when Admiral Indarro Lothariel vanishes from an EDF prison transport on the same day that Henoko Ovek is whisked away from the high-security hospital in which he's been incarcerated for over half a year, they, and their new allies from an ancient cold war on Paltaxis, know this won't last. With time running out, the Alliance launches a full-scale assault on Ovek's self-styled New Gashrovore Imperium, desperate to protect the pre-hyperlight human civilisation.

At the same time, the EDF must keep the bulk of its forces close to home, in anticipation of a direct invasion of Paltaxis, the seat of their government. A clandestine mission to the jungle world of Galandris Two, where the Children have been genetically engineering super-soldiers for decades, may not be enough to turn the tide, but EDF Command will take whatever advantage it can get. Stretched to the limit, and beyond, they'll need their wits about them, and a good deal of luck if the Alliance is to survive intact, and that's without the presence of spies in the EDF's ranks.

Experiments at CERN are proceeding apace, with Liz Smith and Sam Martinez leading developments that could lead to Earth's discovery of hyperlight, just when the EDF cannot pay full attention to the human civilisation. The clock is most certainly ticking, counting down, though whether to First Contact or the annihilation of everything Jekka Varr and her friends hold dear, no-one can be sure. One thing's for certain, though: The enemy within is stronger than the enemy without.

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(Goodness, we're on book five, already?)

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Re: Hyperlight 5 - The Enemy Within

#2 Post by RJDiogenes » March 17th, 2017, 10:33 pm

Another great installment in the soon-to-be-legendary series. Lots of surprising plot twists and history-making developments. Plus, aliens. :D
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